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Do We Need Assisted Living or Memory Care


Do We Need Assisted Living or Memory Care - Winder, GA

Welcome back to our Gateway Gardens Assisted Living and Memory Care blog! Last week we started our mini-series addressing the basic difference between assisted living and memory care communities. The fastest way to decide what type of service would best support you or your loved one is to take an honest assessment of your personal situation.

In general, you’re likely well-suited for our Gateway Gardens assisted living community if:

  • You need or want help with a few daily activities but are otherwise independent

  • You experience only minor or occasional forgetfulness that doesn’t impact your daily life

  • You want to avoid the burden of home maintenance and enjoy additional amenities and services within a loving communal living environment.

You’re likely better suited to Gateway Gardens memory care community if:

  • You’ve been diagnosed with a memory impairment and regularly experience symptoms

  • You’re prone to wandering or consistent forgetfulness about where you are or who you’re with

  • You or your family doesn’t feel safe when you’re left without support

  • Your memory impairment is affecting your physical abilities and you’d like to maximize what you can do with additional support

Understanding that after reading the above that you may discover having more questions than before, know that you are on the right track. We can personally help you navigate this deeply complex and critically important investigation. We are prepared to invest every minute you need to become fully informed.

Up next:

Tips for Choosing a Loving Assisted Living or Memory Care Community. Until then, feel free to contact us anytime here at Gateway Gardens Assisted Living and Memory Care in Winders, GA.