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Part 3 of Our Eight-Part Series: When and How to Seek Professional Assisted Living or Memory Care


Part 3 of Our Eight-Part Series: When and How to Seek Professional Assisted Living or Memory Care - Winder, GA

Welcome back to our assisted living and memory care blog. We’re here for you dear residents, resident’s family, and the entire local community. We’ve covered the first two of this eight-part series on the subject of “When and How to Seek Professional Assisted Living or Memory Care”. Those two blog posts are conveniently linked for you in the topic list below:

  1. Open the Communication Channels
  2. Determine your Budget
  3. Understand your Parent’s Needs and Issues
  4. Know your Own Limitation
  5. Research Well
  6. Evaluate the Options
  7. Take a Personal Tour
  8. Prepare for a safe Transition

In today’s third blog post of the series, our intent is to help you understand your parent’s (or any other loved one’s) needs and issues. Simply to remind you all, as professional assisted living and memory care providers, we field calls every week regarding the financial considerations regarding professional health care. While every situation is unique, there are recurring considerations common for all of you. So, let’s get started with helping you understand your loved one’s needs and issues.

Understand your Parent’s Needs and Issues

Determining your parent’s or other loved one’s needs empowers you with a better understanding of how moving in to assisted living community supports them in having a higher quality of life:

  • How active they are. Do they like to be around people?
  • What is their current health situation? Are they experiencing chronic medical issues or undergoing long term treatment?
  • Do they need specialized services for memory care (showing signs of dementia)
  • What type of accommodation do they prefer private or shared?

But what if the questions above leave you with more questions than answers? OK, stop for a moment and understand this. There are more people out there just like you who stress when addressing what only appear to be rather straight forward questions. These questions are in fact complicated and multifaceted questions that often require a professional support provider to help you break the challenge down into manageable parts.

We can help break all this down for you. We don’t promise to have all the answers, but what we can promise you is that we’ve guided people like you through this process countless times over the years. People describe our conversations as being a “refreshing breath of fresh air”. That warms our hearts and we welcome those conversations. So, when the time comes for you to seek a consult regarding professional assisted living or professional memory care services, please know that Gateway Gardens Assisted Living & Memory Care Winder is here for you. We’re ready to discuss some or all the topics listed above. Call us!