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Senior Financial Scams - To Make You Aware, Not to Scare


Senior Financial Scams - To Make You Aware, Not to Scare - Winder, GA

We hear horrible stories from at-home care providers concerning an elderly loved one who was short-changed or downright scammed, financially or otherwise. Our caring professionals here at Winder’s Gateway Gardens Assisted Living & Memory Care feel it is important to remind you that con-artists and scammers lurk, and you must be on guard. So, let's cover the basics of protecting your senior loved one from scams.

Con artists will charm elderly victims by phone with an affable “nice guy” approach. Deceptive and dishonest, this tele-trickster is the last person you would want to invite into your home! You’re right if you guessed… he’s a con artist! Americans lose an estimated $40 billion each year due to the unethical activities of fraudulent “salespeople.” Advise your senior, if they are called, emailed, or text for subjects they have not actively requested information on, then hang up on that caller.

Encourage your senior loved one, as a standard practice, do not reply to any email, voicemail, or text offers. Their standard practice should be to share those things with you first. If it is a voice call, their standard practice should be to either hang up or to direct them to call back when you (my daughter, son, etc) is going to be with you. Scammers won't make that call. Legitimate agencies will.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how to provide fraud free loving and safe care for your senior loved one, contact Gateway Gardens Assisted Living and Memory Care here in Winder.