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Thank You for The Positive Feedback on our Five-Part Blog Series


Thank You for The Positive Feedback on our Five-Part Blog Series - Winder, GA

We wish to express thanks to those of you who provided such warm and welcome feedback on our recent five-part blog series focused on signs that transition to professional memory care is well advised. As you know we manage our Winder-area assisted living and our Winder memory care community blog for people like you doing your best to care for your loved one. Your feedback confirms that our blogging efforts do indeed provide meaningful and actionable guidance and advice. So, thank you.

If you missed any of our five-part series focusing on a single indicator of signs that a transition to professional memory care, for you ease of reference, here are the links to those blog posts:

We understand these are difficult and frightening conditions to consider. This is even more reason why we are warmed by your feedback and trust to turn to us for thoughts and advise on the subjects. As we’re sure that you are aware, here at Winder's Gateway Gardens Assisted Living and Memory Care, we are highly trained and skilled subject matter experts on the two subjects. And we can help you whether you are a resident, resident family member, or a non-associated care giver simply doing their best to serve another. Our warmest best wishes to you all, and again, thanks for your feedback!