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Validation Therapy

What is Validation?

This is a communication technique that allows caregivers to better relate to our Memory Care residents by connecting with residents where they are on life’s journey. For example, if a resident sees themselves as a 35-year-old working professional, then the caregiver joins the resident in their reality. This is accomplished by accepting the values and beliefs of the resident without confrontation. Trying to reorient a resident to “facts” often is confusing and unsuccessful for the resident. The caregiver is putting themselves in the shoes of the resident, not simply by trying to move an individual’s attention from one thing to another; it is also about validating feelings and emotions.

How does it work?

A resident does not want to go to dinner as she states she is waiting on her husband to join her. The caregiver knows that the husband is deceased. If the caregiver tells the resident that the husband is not coming because he has died, it can often confuse and confound the resident who may believe that her spouse has just died. This can cause the resident to grieve her loss all over again.

A better approach using Validation might be:

Resident: I don’t want to go yet. I am waiting on Charlie to come.

Caregiver: Charlie can’t come to dinner tonight, but I would love it if you joined me for dinner. I would like to hear more about Charlie, he sounds like a wonderful guy.

Resident: Oh yes, he was a wonderful husband! What are we having for dinner?

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